Updating Member Permissions (Tags/Groups)

If your membership site provides content for multiple member groups, you may run into a situation where a member does not have access to a specific page or content item on the site.

This is easy to correct (if the member should have access to the page OR if the member upgrades the membership to be able to access the page). Normally, this is because the page (or content) requires the member to have a specific tag that has not been assigned to the contact in Infusionsoft.

To correct this:

  1. Check page or content item in Reservoir system to determine what tag(s) are required to view the information
  2. Add tag to contact in Infusionsoft

IMPORTANT - Tags are updated in Reservoir EACH time a member logs into the membership system. If the member is logged into the membership system when you update the tags in Infusionsoft - the member needs to logout of the Reservoir membership site and log back into the system. This will update the groups assigned to the member in Reservoir and should give the member access to the desired information.