Running Infusionsoft® Action Sets When Member Views Content

Incredible News! We have now implemented a feature that will allow you to run Infusionsoft® Action Sets when a member views specific content within your membership site. Just think of the possibilities!

  • Member views a special area of the site and you are able to kick off a Follow-up Sequence to send an email to get feedback about that new site area.
  • Member views content and you are able to kick off an Action Set to add a tag to the contact in Infusionsoft which then opens up new areas of the membership site to the member.

You are really only limited by your imagination and your knowledge of Infusionsoft®.

Several things to keep in mind:

  • This ONLY applies to members who are logged into the membership site. We must know the Infusionsoft® contact ID to be able to run Action Sets against a specific contact.
  • The Member's tags / groups are updated instantly if you add tags through the Action Set. The member does NOT need to logout and log back in for the new tag to be available to the member in Reservoir.
  • Run once OR every time the member views the content - You can have Reservoir only run the Action Set the first time a member views the content or you can have it run EVERY time the member views the content in the system.

The best thing of all is that you can implement this feature yourself! Simply follow the short code instructions to get started. You will be using the runActionSet short code to implement this feature. Get started NOW!