Restricting Access to Certain Member Groups

It is easy to restrict access to content within the Reservoir system. If you have more than one member group, you can control what groups have access to content throughout the system.

Select Content to Restrict

To do this at the content level, simply login to the Reservoir admin area and select the content item you would like to update.

Select a video you want to restrict from FREE members

Select Groups to Restrict Access

Next you need to remove groups from the list of groups that have access to the content. You will see a link in the Who has access? area on the page. If you click the link, it will display a list of all the active member groups.

Click link to restrict access to certain groups

You simply need to UNCHECK the boxes for groups who should NOT have access to the content. Then save the content.

All active groups will be listed. Uncheck the box(es) for any groups you don't want to have access to the item. NOTE: If you don't see a group listed, let me know and we will activate the applicable group.