Assigning Merchant Accounts for Invoice Payments in Your Infusionsoft® Account

You can configure your Reservoir account to use a given merchant account from your Infusionsoft® account for invoice payments. This setting will apply to all invoice payments made through your membership site. You can also configure custom merchant accounts on individual products from your Infusionsoft® account.

Configuring the Default Merchant Account in Reservoir

Under Settings > CRM in Reservoir, you'll find a field for Merchant Account ID. Enter the ID of a merchant account from Infusionsoft® that you would like to use as the default for all Infusionsoft® invoices paid through your Reservoir membership site.

Configuring Product-Level Merchant Accounts

Let's say that you want payments for Product A to go to one merchant account in your Infusionsoft® account, and payments for Product B to to another merchant account. You can configure Reservoir to respect that logic at the product level.

Step 1: Import Products into Reservoir from Infusionsoft®

The first step is to import your products from Infusionsoft® into Reservoir. Go to Administration > Products and click the Import Products button.

If you return to Administration > Products later and can't find a product you're looking for, click the Import Products button again to bring in any products that you may have created in Infusionsoft® since.

Step 2: Configure Custom Merchant Account IDs in Individual Products

If you want to point an individual product to a different merchant account than your default one, find it in the list at Administration > Products, add the merchant account ID, and make sure the "Active" check box is checked.

When a member pays for an invoice containing this product through your membership site, the entire payment amount will be deposited into the custom merchant account.

NOTE: An Infusionsoft® invoice made available for payment through Reservoir should only contain products that represent a single merchant account. If products with differing merchant accounts appear on a single invoice, the entire invoice balance will be directed to an arbitrary product's merchant account. This is due to a limitation on how merchant accounts can be related to invoices in Infusionsoft®.