Enforcing Membership Expiration Through an Infusionsoft® Tag

You can set an Infusionsoft® tag under Settings > CRM for "Membership Expiration." When a member's matching Infusionsoft® contact record has this tag assigned to it, Reservoir will not allow the member to see private member content.

From there, you have two options for how Reservoir will enforce this membership expiration:

  1. Automatically log the member out of the site
  2. Redirect the member to a special page with your own custom instructions

Option 1: Automatically log the member out of the site

Once you set the Membership Expiration Tag under Settings > CRM, this is the default behavior. When an expired member tries to access member-gated content, they will be automatically logged out of the system and displayed this message:

Your membership has expired. Please contact us if you need to gain access again.

Option 2: Redirect the member to a special page with your own custom instructions

For a friendlier approach, another option is to create "Membership Expiration" page that the expired member is redirected to after they try accessing member-access content.

After you enter the Infusionsoft® tag into the Membership Expiration field under Settings > CRM, you need to create a new page in Reservoir. When creating the page, choose a Page Type of Membership Expired.

This special page can contain any content that you'd like. We recommend placing a message on this page explaining that their membership is expired and that they can go to the My Account page to settle an unpaid invoice. (Link "My Account" to /my-account). That section will allow them to enter new credit cards and pay invoices.

The membership site will only let expired members do the following:

  • Click the "My Account" link in the utility navigation at the top of the page
  • Add new credit cards to their account for payment
  • View and pay invoices

The membership site will not let expired members do anything else and will keep redirecting them back to the Membership Expired page.