Adding Weekly Ezine Articles

Instructions for adding the weekly ezine to the membership system.

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Overview of Instructions to Add Weekly Ezine

  1. Login to Infusionsoft and locate the email template
  2. View source for email template
  3. Copy HTML - table code only (do NOT copy style information)
  4. Clean up HTML
  5. Remove top table from code
  6. Remove the header image row
  7. Remove paragraph with contact first name
  8. Save HTML code to a text file in case you need to update this article in the future (you won't have to make these changes again)
  9. Create new content in Membership site (CMS | Content - Click Add new Content button)
  10. Title - Weekly IMA Ezine: [email subject] - for example, Weekly IMA Ezine: New MasterCard Regulations for Info-Marketers
  11. Content Template - Select Weekly Ezine from the dropdown list
  12. Summary - enter the first paragraph from the President's message into the Summary block
  13. Styles - you should be able to leave this section alone (unless a style gets updated for one of the emails)
  14. Full content - Click source button in editor and then copy ALL HTML (what you have cleaned up) into the Full content section
  15. Allow comments - Leave as True
  16. Security - Who has access - leave at Public
  17. Release Dates - Set the ending Release Date to 2 months from the date of the Ezine
  18. IMPORTANT - Make sure the check the Is this content published checkbox
  19. Click Update button
  20. Add new content to the News and Updates page