Improving Email Deliverability (SPF Record)

The Reservoir system has email notifications features that send email to your members (i.e. Welcome email, forgot password, forum post notifications). These emails are sent from our server, not yours. The reason this matters is that a lot of anti-spam software checks what IP addresses are authorized to send email for a domain. They do this by querying your domain's DNS for a Sender Policy Framework. It's important you have an SPF declared in your DNS, regardless of using our Reservoir system, so that no one can impersonate emails from your domain.

If You Already Have SPF Set Up

Just add this declaration to it and you should be good to go:

NOTE: If you use Infusionsoft to send email for your domain, and you have not already added their domain to your SPF record, you would add the following:

If You Do Not Have SPF Set Up

We recommend OpenSPF (, which only requires you to fill out a small form to create your SPF record. In the part where it asks you for servers that will send email for your domain (include section), use the text below for one of your entries, which is the domain that will be sending email for the Reservoir system. You'll of course want to add any other domains that send email for your domain as well. (For example, you will want to include if Infusionsoft sends email for your domain).

To get this into your DNS, you just need to create a new TXT record, and paste in the block of code that OpenSPF gives you.

  • Log in to the administrative console for your domain.
  • Locate the page from which you can update the DNS records. You may need to enable advanced settings.
  • Create a TXT record containing the text you received from OpenSPDF - something like:
    v=spf1 ~all
  • Save your changes.

By completing these steps, there is a far greater likelihood that our emails will be delivered to your customers without issue.