Deleting A Member

Every now and then you will need to delete a member record from the Resrevoir membership system.

IMPORTANT: This is NOT the normal procedure when a member cancels a membership. Normally, you deactivate (set inactive) the member so the member no longer has access to the membership site. The member record remains in the system in case the member had posted any comments or made any forum posts. You can always go back and reactivate the member if necessary. When you delete a member, all information related to that member is removed from the Reservoir membership system.

Follow the steps below to delete a member from the Reservoir system:

  • Login to the Reservoir admin area
  • Click the Administration tab and then click the Members link
  • Click the Search tab to locate the applicable member
  • Hover over the member record and you will see 2 icons displayed to the left of the member photo / name
  • Click the Trash can icon to DELETE the member

When you delete a member record, this only deletes information from the Reservoir system related to that member (i.e. comments, forum posts). This doesn’t delete any information from Infusionsoft. The contact record will still be stored in Infusionsoft.