Customizing "Permission Denied" Pages

There are two scenarios where users of your site will see some kind of "permission denied" page:

  1. When a non-member (or member who is not logged in) tries to access member-restricted content.
  2. When a member tries to access content or a section that they are not granted permission to view.

Here are instructions for editing the content shown for those two scenarios.

Scenario 1: Public/Non-Members

If you choose for content to be members-only, anyone not logged into the system as a member will see the "Login" page.

In your Reservoir-hosted site, this page will be listed as /login.

This particular page can have 2 purposes:

  1. Show email/password login box so current members can sign in.
  2. Sell non-members on the content available behind the login.

You can edit this page just like any other page within the CMS section of Reservoir. Just be sure to leave the Login content area somewhere on the page so that current members can still access your site.

Scenario 2: Member Isn't Tagged to View Certain Content

Reservoir allows for you to restrict access to any piece of content to only a select choice of user groups. For example, a logged in member could have access to one "course" or "section" in your site but not another.

In the event that a member doesn't have access to certain content, they are shown content from the page listed as /access-denied.

We recommend using this page to summarize different content levels and try to upsell the member to sign up for more levels.

Like the /login page from Scenario 1 above, this page can be edited just like any other page in the CMS section of Reservoir.