Allowing Member to Cancel a Membership

When a member cancels a membership, two steps are required to properly cancel access for that member to the Reservoir membership site:

  1. Member tag should be removed from contact record in Infusionsoft - You should create an Action Set that runs in Infusionsoft when a member cancels. You will probably want to set something up to stop the subscription billing for that contact, but you also want to remove any membership tags for that Contact. For example, if you have a 'Gold Member' tag for your members. You would remove this tag from the contact and you would probably want to then tag that Contact with a new tag to indicate the contact canceled the membership (i.e. Gold Member - canceled).
  2. Set Reservoir member account inactive - We create an Action Set in Infusionsoft that will take care of this step. This action set (named something like 'Reservoir - Member Cancel Process) will do the following when it is run for a contact:
    • Set member inactive (member will not be able to login to Reservoir membership system)
    • Cancel forum subscriptions for the member (the member will no longer receive any forum related notifications)

Option to Cancel Through Link on Membership Site

We don't have a member 'self-cancel' feature on the site. However, using a short code, we allow you to run Infusionsoft Action Sets when a page loads in the Reservoir system. Therefore, you could create this feature for your membership site by using a short code to run the necessary Infusionsoft Action Set to cancel the member.

We recommend the following:

  • Create 'Cancel' page - add short code code that links to an Action Set that:
    • Runs Reservoir - Member Deactivate Process Action Set
    • Removes member from membership tag (and puts member in member - canceled tag)
    • Stops monthly subscription (for paid memberships)
  • Create link to 'Cancel' page you just created from another area of the site

Unfortunately, we don't have a way to add this 'Cancel' link in the My Account / Profile area. You will need to add it on a regular member site page that you create (i.e. a support page).

Reactivating Canceled Members

Once a member cancels and is set INACTIVE in the Reservoir system, you will need to ‘reactivate’ the member manually in the Reservoir system. Note that there is NO Action Set in Infusionsoft to reactivate a member who has been set inactive. To set a member active in Reservoir, follow the steps below:

  • Login to the Reservoir admin area
  • Click the Administration tab and then click the Members link
  • Click the Search tab to locate the applicable member
  • Click the member name
  • Check the checkbox near the bottom of the screen. (The checkbox next to ‘Is this member allowed to access the system?’)

IMPORTANT: You will also need to make sure the Infusionsoft Contact record is tagged properly with a member tag to allow access to the membership site.

NOTE: We normally suggest deactivating a member rather than deleting a member from the Reservoir membership system. This member could have posted comments or made forum posts while active as a member. You probably don’t want that information to be deleted simply because a member has canceled the membership. Setting the member inactive prevents the user from accessing the membership site and also stops any email notifications from the membership system to that former member.