Thank You...But Wait

Thank you for submitting your information to become a Liquifusion affiliate and refer clients for our Reservoir Membership System. But wait...before you take off, you have several more steps to complete:

  1. Complete IRS form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification) *
  2. Review and sign our Liquifusion Affiliate Program Terms of Service agreement *
  3. If you have not already double opted-in for one of our other products, click the link in the confirmation email you should have received (to confirm that you actually want to become an affiliate and are giving us permission to communicate with you via email)

Once you have returned the completed documents, we will provide you with your affiliate link.

* Please scan the completed forms and return them via fax to 850.561.1374 (make sure to indicate ATTN: Doug Harrison on the fax).