Grow Profits Painlessly with a professional membership website.

You want your membership website to "gather your herd" and keep them coming back for more. Reservoir is the ultimate and affordable "done-for-you" solution that enables you to grow your subscription base—without having to sweat the details.

With Reservoir, you can expect powerful, customizable tools built for marketers by marketers. You can also expect:
  • Seamless integration with your marketing data.
  • A resource for serious online marketing professionals that will quickly become an essential part of your business.

How A Reservoir Membership Website Adds Value

Wondering how a Reservoir Membership Website will add to your business? We’ll tell you…

Make Money 24/7

You’d rather have money coming in automatically than have to work for every penny sale-by-sale. A membership site is the perfect recurring revenue addition to your existing business.

Upsell & Resell

A membership site is also the perfect venue to continue marketing to your existing customers and clients, by offering them your other products and services with ascension marketing.

Re-Use Content

Whatever content you’ve already generated for your business has an automatic second home on your membership site. That content gets uploaded and released on your schedule.

Update While You Downshift

You can automate the posting of new content and updates so they happen while you’re on vacation or just taking a break—and ensure a consistent new flow to keep your subscription base interested and active.

Let Your Members Sell You

Your Reservoir membership site contains the social media tools you want that allows your membership to “share” and “like” your content with the rest of the world on today’s most popular social sites.

Eliminate Data Duplication

Reservoir seamlessly integrates with the most powerful CRM software around, so there are no dual entry issues. When your members update their information, they’ll also be updating your CRM data for you at the same time.


A Reservoir Report

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Client Success Stories

The Reservoir team enabled me to have a fully customized look and feel to my Member Site, something that the "packaged companies" couldn't offer. I could focus on acquiring new members and creating content—not worry about building a website.

client Robert Skrob Information Marketing Association

Before I found Infusionsoft® and then Reservoir, everything involved manual labor—emphasis on the word 'MANUAL.' I had 4 systems and none of them worked with each other. Talk about a waste of time. I consider you a Godsend. You've not only provided us with a hard-working, customized member site, but it's flawlessly synched with Infusionsoft®. No more quadruple-entry nightmares. Thanks again, Reservoir Team. Your contributions have been a big part of NPE's success.

client Sean Greely Net Profit Explosion

The Reservoir Guarantee 30 days

With that kind of guarantee, what are you waiting for?

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At Reservoir, we are dedicated to providing high quality service to all of our clients. We back up that commitment with an unconditional 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

If, within 30 days of signing up with Reservoir, you are not completely satisfied with our services, we will refund all payments to us, no questions asked. We will also return all original materials and data provided to us.

Reservoir Membership Sites. Easy to Manage. Built for Growth.

Managing a membership website can be a complicated and expensive hassle—and you have better things to do than try to find your way through a complex website interface. That's why we built Reservoir to be as automated and simple to run as possible. Reservoir's full array of user-friendly features include:

Powerful CRM Integration

Entering the same data on multiple websites can be a nightmare – that’s why Reservoir is integrated with two of the most powerful CRM systems on the planet – Infusionsoft® and OfficeAutopilot. When members sign up or update their profiles on your Reservoir site, your CRM software is automatically updated, without your having to lift a finger – and that goes for updated credit card information too. Members can also pay membership and other invoices directly through this system.

Simple Content Updates

You want an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that makes updating your website a breeze – and Reservoir provides just that.

Order Form Integration

Want to make an Order Form a part of your Reservoir membership site? Not a problem. Just insert the order form URL, and Reservoir will create a secure form that seamlessly makes it look like one of your site’s pages - without any special styling required on your end. And, of course, when a member fills out the order form, the info gets posted directly to your CRM.

SEO That's A Snap

You don’t need an SEO expert to optimize your Reservoir site – not with the robust built-in features we provide to you. We not only make it as easy as possible for search engines to find you, but we also automatically notify them when you update your content.

Easy Member Management

If you’re not taking care of your members, your membership site subscriptions will suffer. We help you avoid that scenario by letting you know who’s having log-on problems or other issues with your site. We also update your compatible CRM with usage data so you know how recently a member has been on your site; that way you can reach out to absent members and encourage a return visit.

Multiple Member Groups

Do you offer different tiers of membership to clients? Do you have different groups of members who are only allowed access to certain areas? With Reservoir, you can "lock down" content for multiple member groups with just one click of your mouse.

"Mystery Shop" Your Site

Want to make sure your Reservoir site is working as it should be? We make it easy with our “Impersonate” feature - which enables you to log on as if you were one of your own members. See your membership website through your clients' eyes – and put it to the ultimate test.

One Password Fits All

Your members don't want the nightmare of multiple log-ons and passwords for different membership site features such as forums and restricted web pages – Reservoir makes one log-on work for everything. That's convenience your clients will appreciate.